Late Goals for 2012

Hi again, before I post anything else I would like to tell you about my goals for 2012. In hope that maybe you can help me reach them. I once read a book about this girl who wears her dream on her sleeve so everyone can help her achieve it! So I think that that inspired me to do this ,so please hear me out.

1. I want to make a difference in this world. Do something that defines me. Maybe I will only be able to start local ,but at least I’ll have a dream to end worldwide.

2. I want to become a better writer. The reason for this is because, writing is a great way to express your feelings and get things out there. Tell the world what you can do.

3. I want to post frequently about the things I love. So that means fashion, ballet, vintage and antique things, my life, art, books, music, and my most favorite of all weddings! Well thank you all so much for reading this. Goodbye and thank you!

P.S                                                                                                                        From now on I will have certain posts for certain days.  I will try to explain it to you during the first week.


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