Lazy Sunday Vintage Finds: Jack Frost Shaker

Today I have this old Jack frost shaker thing of some sort.  I think it might have been for powdered sugar? I dont really know, but I liked it so I decided to share it with you guys!

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12 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Vintage Finds: Jack Frost Shaker

  1. I just found one of these on ebay (I hope I am the successful bidder)… when I was growing up my Mom filled it with cinnamon & sugar which we used to sprinkle on toast, etc… another piece of my childhood reclaimed, hopefully! If I don’t win I may get in touch with you 🙂

    • I’m 62 and my mother used it for cinnamon sugar also (I still have it). I suspect though that the shaker was obtained in the 40’s and not when I was a child). Do you have any idea when your mother obtained hers? (hope you won on Ebay!)

  2. I LOVE this jar! I’m trying to locate another one. I have one from my grandma & we also keep cinnamon & sugar in it for toast. I’m so happy to hear someone else appreciates things like this & too, keeps it filled like the ol’ days!

      • I am not sure how much it is worth… I have googled it before and the ranges were all different. One time I did find one for sale for $20 though, if that helps.

      • Can you believe after I wrote in about the jar, we had a huge earthquake and guess what was the ONLY thing that broke?!! I cried, then was lucky enough to find one on ebay in mint condition. I haven’t used it yet because it still has the label on it!!! I don’t want to clean it. What a find though! I’m happy to see so many others that have the same sentimental feelings & memories!

      • That’s so crazy that it was the only thing that broke! Thank goodness that you were able to find another one. Yeah just don’t scrub the label at all haha. We don’t want it to wash off and then have it be just as bad as breaking it! Hopefully it stays in one piece for a long time 🙂

  3. Do you still have the Jack Frost shaker bottle? I’ve been looking for one, my mother used to have one when I was younger that she used to put cinnamon sugar in. I was looking for it for nostalgia reasons. Let me know if you still have it. Thank you

    • Yes I still have it :). So many people have taken interest in it. I never knew that it was so popular. Funny how a simple object can have such meaning to many different people 🙂

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