Tuesday’s Tittle-Tattle: A Few Tips

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to tell you about a few random yet useful tips.

#1. Eye Issues                                                                                                                                Sometimes my lower eyelid stings and I found this happens because it got infected I don’t know if its from makeup or what, but what I do is get a wash cloth and wet it with warm water.  After that I with rub it against my lower eyelid and hold it there for an hour or so.

#2. Sore Throats                                                                                                                               Also sometimes I get a sore throat.  To fix that I boil some water and then I add a few drops of lemon juice and stir it all together.  Then I add honey NOT sugar to my drink until it is sweet enough, which for me is usually about a half tablespoon.

#3. Tittle-Tattle                                                                                                                               Since I dont really have a third tip it will just be “Tittle-Tattle” If you scroll to the top of my blog it says makeup styles, Tips, and stylish crafts, (i know I need to change that way to long page) well if you click it you go to a page with some things on it.  I have been wanting to post some more on it, but I don’t know how to post on that page!  If any of you guys have a wordpress site with pages please let me know how you post on them! thank you.

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Tumblr Shannon

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