Lazy Sunday Vintage Finds: Sea Bottle

Today I have an candle that I like to call my sea glass candle.  It is so pretty especially like it when it is all lit up at night. Hope you liked!


I am sorry about the lack of post these past few days I have been really busy with my 13th birthday.  I had it in a Hunger Games theme!  It was very fun, thanks for waiting!

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Tumblr Shannon

2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Vintage Finds: Sea Bottle

  1. Shannon,
    I love your blog and often stop by to see you new modeling and photographic attempts. I wonder if you have been following the case of a young Scottish girl and her blog reviewing her school lunches. It has reached international attention. Check her blog site out and then google her name to find out what all the controversy has been about..

    Grandpa Dennis

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