Saturday’s Snaps and Stories: Haunted Queen

A long time ago I stole some shoes from an old widow, for I did not know she was an enchantress…She told me I was to be trapped in the widow’s forest, but nothing happened I went about my life as I always had…One day I went on a walk in my woods behind my castle a storm had started to brew, but when I tried to find my way back I couldn’t… I could never eat or drink from that day forward so I stayed in the forest forever hungry…I have continued to try to find a way out, but I never can…
 I cry for the awful thing’s that I have done to deserve this… There is nothing in this forest for me yet I can’t seem to escape it… I call for my people to come and rescue me even though I know that even if they could here me they would never come to rescue me…I was awful to my people so I guess I deserved this…Even so I don’t think I could have changed what I did even if I could go back in time… Because power is like a sickness…

Forever holding you hostage…

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Tumblr Shannon

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