Saturday’s Snaps and Stories: A Beautiful Day

While we tried to figure out where the ferry that would take us to the statue of liberty I relaxed in the shade…When we finally figured out where it was we started walking there and on the way we saw beautiful fountains I got all wet!…Of course my mom and I had to have a picture of us together!…We got to the Statue of Liberty and it was so big (even though he picture makes it look small)…My friend and I heart The Statue of Liberty!…
While on the island I saw this tree with its cool roots and had to stop!…
These chairs are so cute I just love them!…I feel so alone…After we went to the Statue of Liberty we went to little Italy and ate a late lunch at this cute Italian restaurant the bread sticks and dip tasted so good!…Then to top the day off  we went to times square after dinner…

I wore a light brown shirt from Urban Outfitters, tank top from Aero, shorts from Target, thrifted shoes and headband from claires.

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Tumblr Shannon


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