Wednesday’s Wardrobe: Breath in the Last Days

No bubbles yet, I’m just sitting in a beautiful lane of flowers…My Aunt from out of state did my makeup doesn’t it just look perfect?Its such a pretty day out.These flowers were all over.I’m like mesmerized by these bubble! hahaI blew so many bubbles that time 🙂I didn’t get very many bubbles but, this one was pretty big!Look, you can see my shadow. The bubbles actually matched my eye shadow!

My Aunt also did my nails so they would match my outfit! don’t they look cute?

And now to end the day one bubble is left…

Well, summer is pretty much over and school is about to start in less than a week.  I am scared yet excited this is my first year going to public school!  Hopefully it will be fun!  I did a little bit of back to school shopping a little while ago and now all I need to do is get a couple more school supplies!  Can’t wait!

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