Saturday’s Snaps and Stories: Bubbles on My Wedding

My name is Hannah and today is my wedding day…
I smile because its a picture, I laugh because I’m just so happy…I blew bubbles, but you cant see them very well 😦Now you ca see you can see them a little bit better…These little bubbles are so pretty they even have a purple look to them…I had a great time popping the bubbles because they were so big and fluffy…One time I almost caught one…Its so silly how bubbles make me laugh…
I just had to show off my dress…Now was when it started to get close to the time of my wedding…
I felt so content with my life so excited, yet scared at the same time…
The bubbliness finally started to go away…And this was on the way to the church…I twirled and twirled and twirled I was so happy…


These pictures are of Hannah my cousin who came out to visit with my family.  We had an old wedding dress that fit her perfectly and well, if the shoe (dress) fits!  Thank you so much for letting me share these pictures! I miss you already 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Snaps and Stories: Bubbles on My Wedding

  1. I miss you too my dear <333 :). it was cute how you wrote like what I was thinking by the pictures. you are really good at taking pictures and i am gonna look at allll your new posts in the future!!!! I love love looovvveee the newest one of you, you're so photogenic :). i like the Chinese tea party ones of you as well. bestie cousin <333

    • Awwwwww tanks hannah! You are so photo-genic too! Thank you so much for letting me put your beautiful pictures on my blog and I am so glad you liked what I wrote! Thank you so much for having so much interest in my blog. If you want you can follow my blog and then whenever I post something you get sent an email of it. If u don’t want to that’s fine too. Bye! Cuzie!

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