Cozy Sweaters in Winter Weather

IMG_1544So I haven’t posted anything and lets just say I have finally decided to start it up again!  My grandma made me this sweater for christmas and she told me it was the hardest sweater she had ever made!  This is actually the first day I wore my sweater and it was so soft and comfy.

IMG_1548 IMG_1555My chocolate lab puppy got in the picture on accident! sorry!
IMG_1557 I took all of the pictures by a little wood pile because when I think of winter I think of fires and log cabins.IMG_1567Thank you for reading and I hope you liked the sweater!

Dancing in the snow is like floating on clouds…

Tumblr Shannon

4 thoughts on “Cozy Sweaters in Winter Weather

  1. It looks lovely on you shannon! Also like the puppies butt! LOL! Glad you are back to posing. I have missed your pictures! Welocme back!

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