“Floating in a blue lagoon”

IMG_2847There was this really old bridge that looked really old as if it had been there for a hundred years!
The girl I am with is a friend that went with me to Shakespeare in the park too.  She is wearing these really cute TOMS that I love!IMG_2743 IMG_2740 IMG_2724 IMG_2719

The willow tree was so pretty on the inside because it leaned out over the lake creating a lagoon.  🙂IMG_2850Then of course there is always a sunset…

The other day I went to a thing called Shakespeare in Delaware Park which is a place where they perform plays by Shakespeare.  When I went they were performing Hamlet which was amazing by the way!  At intermission we went by the lake and that was when we saw the beautiful sunset.  When we were there, there was  a willow tree, a bridge and a lake so I thought why not take some pictures!  Today I am wearing a thrifted lace top with a fish necklace from (I don’t know where) , jean short cut-offs, and brown sandles from Target (which you have seen me where before).

This post was inspired by the song Kiss the Girl from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid.

 Tumblr Shannon


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