The Garden

IMG_3900 IMG_3899 IMG_3896 IMG_3892 IMG_3884 IMG_3858 IMG_3852


Hello!  Aren’t gardens just magical places?  They always remind me of “The Secret Garden”.  I am wearing a dress from Charlotte Russe with a Forever 21 belt.  I have been so busy with school sports that I have had little to no time to do anything!  It drives me crazy because I feel like I am wasting my life.  At least I have been able to go on evening bike rides which are just lovely.  I never used to like bike rides but now I love them.  It really gets my mind off of things…  You should definitely try it sometime.




2 thoughts on “The Garden

  1. Gardens are indeed magical places! That is why Grandma has so manny. 🙂 As to bike riding, I prefer walking, but bikes are very nice too. The same quietness and simplicity! So my advice to you, cut down on sports and increase your photographic endeavors! Hey how about a new sweater for this xmas?

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