makeup styles,Tips,and Stylish Crafts

Duct Tape Wallet

Hi Again sorry it been so long but i couldn’t upload any pictures so that’s why it took so long.  My duct tape wallet was made by me and it was really easy i got the duct tape from my cousin for my B-Day and finally made something out of it and i totally love it.  I learned how to make it on this U-tube video and it was really easy here is the link thing hopefully this will work if not just type on you tube How to make a Duct Tape Wallet. [Bifold with Pockets and ID holder.].  Hope its as easy as i thought it was for you i thought it was really cool! well i hope you like it!


Makeup Styles, Tips and stylish crafts

Hi i dont know how im going to put makeup pictures on yet so its just going to just be some tips for now.

Tip #1

First start with washing your face with warm water and a wash cloth.

Tip #2

Then with the put on the foundation remember dont put too much on or your face will turn out to with too many layers of makeup on in the end.

Tip #3

Next you will want to do the blush.  If you already have rosy cheeks you can just skip this step.  For those of you who do need blush put it on very lightly if you have pale skin and gradually get darker the darker your skin is.

Tip #4

Last is the eyes.  For the eyeshadow you will either want to start darker on the bottom of your eyelid and get lighter towards the top (which would usually be for everyday wear) or start darker towards the inside of your eyelid and go lighter towards the outside (this one usauly being for special occasions).   And then for the eyeliner and mascara. The eyeliner will usually go on the top of your eyelid for casual wear and be on the top and bottom of your eyelids for special occasions.


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