Aloha kakahiaka-Good Morning

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Hello, I never used to like long dresses but I saw this one and I really liked it!  It reminds me of Hawaii which is why the name of my post is in Hawaiian.  The dress has beautiful palm-like leaves on it.  The belt is from forever 21 and I am barefoot, so no shoes.  🙂  For my hair I was trying something new.  Whith all of the heat lately I wanted to do beach waves and after MANY YouTube searches I finally founf a way to do them! Yay!  Well, have a great day!

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Sea Bright

IMG_0354 IMG_0361 IMG_0397 The girl on the far left is my sister’s friend she also has a fashion blog.  It has so many great posts it is at  (I don’t know how to set up a link).  We went to the beach together.IMG_0428 IMG_0312 IMG_0328 IMG_0343 IMG_0299IMG_0355I went to the beach the other day and it was so beautiful out.  I wore a summer dress from Target and my sandles are from Target too.  I even found some sea glass for the first time in my life! It wasn’t a pretty color though so I don’t have a picture of it.  The weather was perfect there, I love going to the beach in the summer. I hope you get a chance to go sometime this summer too!

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Real, Just Real

IMG_0212 IMG_0200 IMG_0213 IMG_0222 IMG_0229 IMG_0230 IMG_0242 IMG_0249Today was the last day of school!  Isn’t it ironic that the last day of school is when I got my new camera?  I got it for my birthday and I said after school and when I got a new camera would be when I would start posting again.

There are so many fake people in this world so this is the real deal for me.  I look forward to taking more pictures! I am so happy to be back!

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Dream On…

DSCF3756 DSCF3758 DSCF3765 DSCF3776 This one turned out really bright! sorry if your eyes are hurting!DSCF3786 DSCF3792 DSCF3796Wow! it has already been a whole week since my last post!  I thought it had only been three days but after I think about it now I can see that it has been a week.    The sweater I am wearing is actually my moms! I loved the over-sized look it had and it reminds me of people daydreaming into the blue sky (I love the word daydreaming!). I don’t usually like the high collar but I didn’t mind it so much on this one.  The shoes are cropped out of every picture that got them in because they are clogs.  I haven’t been showing the shoes because I have started to wear the same  pair over and over and I have been trying to get more shoes! I just haven’t had that much luck.  I did recently get one pair and I have been trying to find a cute outfit for it.  Maybe next post I will wear them!

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Piano Man…

IMG_1582 I love pianos I have always wanted a grand piano in my house.IMG_1583 IMG_1586 IMG_1590 I’m showing off my bow tights!IMG_1591 IMG_1594Today I wore an orange dress cover-up, the skirt (which I have worn before), and my bow tights.  We had a pep assembly today and our grade won! Also happy late Valentines Day! I hope you are all doing well!

Sing us a song, you’re the piano man…

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Cozy Sweaters in Winter Weather

IMG_1544So I haven’t posted anything and lets just say I have finally decided to start it up again!  My grandma made me this sweater for christmas and she told me it was the hardest sweater she had ever made!  This is actually the first day I wore my sweater and it was so soft and comfy.

IMG_1548 IMG_1555My chocolate lab puppy got in the picture on accident! sorry!
IMG_1557 I took all of the pictures by a little wood pile because when I think of winter I think of fires and log cabins.IMG_1567Thank you for reading and I hope you liked the sweater!

Dancing in the snow is like floating on clouds…

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My Tutu!!!!Cute Bows 🙂Grishko Brand ShoesMore Bows…I just got new pointe shoes.  I am finally on my second pair!  I love them they are so pretty and I love doing ballet.  I only take ballet once a week and I wish it was more often.

Dancing with the feet is one thing.

                           But dancing with the heart is another…

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Fly Away…

I had a wonderful time doing this photo-shoot.  I got the sweater from a used clothing store, it is an over-sized cable knit sweater.  The skirt is from F21.  The nerd glasses are from a store in Illinois call the “Idea Store”  it is a very cool store and it sells things that people don’t need anymore so the store is full of all of these random things.  I thought the store was really cute.  Also I don’t know if you can see but I am wearing an owl ring on my finger that I bought when I was in New York City in China Town.  The necklace I made from an antique pocket watch and I just put it on a chain.

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Cold Days with Happy Faces

I went to my friends house a couple of days ago and it was so rainy and dreary but we made the best of our day.  I am wearing a romper that is from New York City and a hand-made scarf.  The leaves were so pretty all over the ground.  I cant wait to go there again!

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