Little Rosebuds

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Hello, this post was inspired by, well, a rosebush.  It is in my front garden and all of the rosebuds are in bloom!  It looks so beautiful!  I am wearing a thrifted dress that is vintage and I really like it because it has that old safari-like look.  My shoes are green lace flats.  Hope you enjoyed!


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Friday’s Fashions: Wake Up and Smell The Coffee

This is an outfit for the beginning of fall when the leaves have just started to change.  The pants are not pants in case you were wondering they are Capri’s.  As you can tell I did not draw the stripes very well, that was because I like clothes when they are not so perfect sometimes.  Original isn’t perfect.

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Monday’s Image Medley: Spring is here!

Well, spring is finally here and I am so excited.  Below is a collage I made of some spring inspiration.  The pictures inspire me so much and I just had to share them with you.

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