Ocean Blue

IMG_6868 IMG_6874 IMG_6884So I got this skirt from Korea and I have been wanting to show you guys so bad but I never had time.  So here it finally is!  I paired it with my combat boots because what better to wear in the fall other then boots?  I also wanted to wear a cardigan with it because its starting to get chilly out and it gives the skirt a cozy feeling.  I hope that will help you when you’re choosing what to wear tomorrow.

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Pumpkin Spice

IMG_6676 IMG_6691 new IMG_6699 IMG_6707 IMG_6710 IMG_6720 IMG_6744I was thinking about Fall and I realized that I never post any posts with pumpkins in them!  I absolutely love pumpkins so I had to do one (of course).  We actually didn’t carve pumpkins this year and I was really sad.  I am wearing a thrifted H&M dress paired with floral tights from Korea and some thrifted Mary Jane flats.  I hope you all enjoyed your Fall and Halloween fun!

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Adventurous Autumn

IMG_6520 IMG_6525 IMG_6527 IMG_6538 IMG_6552 IMG_6558 IMG_6550     I had such a fun time posing for these pictures.  It was such a perfect temperature outside and I felt so cozy.  Its days like these that make me want to sit on my porch and drink warm tea.  I’m not sure if you noticed but I recently got highlights for the first time and a haircut.  My hair feels so healthy now!  I also finally bought combat boots!  I have been wanting them for about a year now and what better time to get them then now?  The scarf was made by my aunt.  Its so warm and I wear it all the time in the Fall.  The jacket  is from H&M, the shirt was thrifted, and the jeans are from Hollister.

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The Local Country Store

IMG_4303 IMG_4321 IMG_4324 IMG_4326 IMG_4327 IMG_4340 IMG_4347 IMG_4372     I recently visited a place called Hurd Orchards and it was absolutely beautiful there.  They have a variety of food that they sell along with homegrown fruits.  They host weddings which is where the picture above comes into play.  I had a wonderful time there.  My mother took me because she thought I would enjoy it and we bought fruits and some of their cookies.  I would highly recommend visiting it.  I am wearing cut-off high waisted shorts (thrifted) with a Gap T-shirt.




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Taking a Leap of Faith

IMG_5111 IMG_5116 IMG_5119 IMG_5152 IMG_5156
IMG_5168Take a leap of faith sometime, it may change your life…

My day today has been just lovely.  I went for a three mile jog and then a six mile bike ride.  I have been trying really hard to be healthy lately.  Some days are harder than others but all in all I have been pretty successful.  I am wearing a floral dress from Delias that I am borrowing from my sister.

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The Garden

IMG_3900 IMG_3899 IMG_3896 IMG_3892 IMG_3884 IMG_3858 IMG_3852


Hello!  Aren’t gardens just magical places?  They always remind me of “The Secret Garden”.  I am wearing a dress from Charlotte Russe with a Forever 21 belt.  I have been so busy with school sports that I have had little to no time to do anything!  It drives me crazy because I feel like I am wasting my life.  At least I have been able to go on evening bike rides which are just lovely.  I never used to like bike rides but now I love them.  It really gets my mind off of things…  You should definitely try it sometime.



Wishing for those waves

IMG_3652 IMG_3655 A stone wall, because it looks pretty.IMG_3667
IMG_3690 The CoveIMG_3695 IMG_3713 I can literally only see the lake for miles and miles.IMG_3719I went to the lake about a week ago and it was so gorgeous there!  The water was like the Caribbean it was so clear!  Which is surprising because a lake is usually green.  I am constantly wishing for waves so I was so grateful when I went!  Anyways I just got back from camp so here is my post finally!  I love the clouds and I am wearing sandles from Target and my  shorts and shirt are from F21.

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Making a Splash

IMG_3553 IMG_3543 IMG_3529
IMG_3522There is something about the rain that I just love.  Maybe its the way it  looks or maybe its the way it sounds.  Either way I love it!  I am wearing a colorful summer dress from target because when it is nice and warm I always LOVE wearing dresses!  In one of the pictures I am wearing a pair of cowgirl boots that i borrowed but for the other pictures I am barefoot because who doesn’t love being barefoot in the rain?  My necklace is from Puerto Rico and the umbrella is from my grandmother.   Thank you, and please remember to take a moment in your life to dance in the rain…


“Floating in a blue lagoon”

IMG_2847There was this really old bridge that looked really old as if it had been there for a hundred years!
The girl I am with is a friend that went with me to Shakespeare in the park too.  She is wearing these really cute TOMS that I love!IMG_2743 IMG_2740 IMG_2724 IMG_2719

The willow tree was so pretty on the inside because it leaned out over the lake creating a lagoon.  🙂IMG_2850Then of course there is always a sunset…

The other day I went to a thing called Shakespeare in Delaware Park which is a place where they perform plays by Shakespeare.  When I went they were performing Hamlet which was amazing by the way!  At intermission we went by the lake and that was when we saw the beautiful sunset.  When we were there, there was  a willow tree, a bridge and a lake so I thought why not take some pictures!  Today I am wearing a thrifted lace top with a fish necklace from (I don’t know where) , jean short cut-offs, and brown sandles from Target (which you have seen me where before).

This post was inspired by the song Kiss the Girl from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid.

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Little Rosebuds

IMG_2621 IMG_2628 IMG_2635 IMG_2669 IMG_2674


Hello, this post was inspired by, well, a rosebush.  It is in my front garden and all of the rosebuds are in bloom!  It looks so beautiful!  I am wearing a thrifted dress that is vintage and I really like it because it has that old safari-like look.  My shoes are green lace flats.  Hope you enjoyed!


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